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First Costa Rica Coin and Bullion is a coin and bullion dealer serving the needs of Costa Rica's expat community. It is Costa Rica's first and oldest online precious metals exchange, and the number one source in Costa Rica for precious metals investors to buy or sell bullion coins and bars in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. First Costa Rica Coin and Bullion primarily serves precious metals buyers and sellers in Costa Rica, but has clients throughout Central America that are unable to locate a coin dealer in their home country. If you are physically located in Central America, and have interest in the precious metals market, this is a go-to source. more info >> is an informational Forex-related site that aims to advertise top financial market Brokers and warn off the scams. It was launched in May of 2011 and for now contains dozens of broker reviews and a recommended brokers list. The main resource we use for development of our content is information gathered from various trusted sources and of course our visitors (mostly traders and investors). Forex Broker Ratings is the very basis of the project and it is based on our visitors` votes. Our team constantly strive to update the service and thus, visiting you will surely find something useful. more info >>
Gold ownership is of vital importance, especially to those who wish to protect their livelihoods against manmade disasters: Economically (fiat currency collapses, etc.), politically (wars, etc.) and otherwise. The Gold Investment website aims to help investors to acquire or buy gold in cost-effective ways, especially in South Africa. Many people erroneously believe that gold ownership is beyond their reach, because they believe that gold is for one expensive. The truth be told, all it takes to become a holder or owner of gold, physical gold that is, is to be committed and to regularly save money towards the goal of acquiring or buying gold. more info >> is a South African-based website which offers a free and very comprehensive guide on almost everything silver. If you consider silver ownership or an investment in silver, then you should look no further. You should find all the info you need relating to silver and get down-to-earth advice on how to avoid pitfalls when buying silver and much more. You will find news relating to silver which is politically incorrect and done in a way so that even the feeblest minded among us can understand. Be sure to visit today for the ultimate silver experience and be sure to join our mailing list in order to receive interesting updates. more info >>
Safest Investment is Gold
Gold remains the ultimate in investing. Throughout the history of mankind gold is the only thing to own during times of uncertainty, political turmoil, economic collapse and natural disasters. Paper currency is unreliable because most is not backed by gold. Governments can go bankrupt. Stocks and bonds depend on the health of the issuing entity. If there is any problem with a company or institution then its stock or bond might not worth the paper it is printed on. Despite ups and downs gold is still the safest investment. This website details how to buy and sell gold, whatever you financial situation. Gold is also an excellent choice for retirement plans. more info >>
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