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ShooTools is a company founded by people with a background and experience in the video and photo industry. ShooTools produces advanced and professional equipment for videomakers, filmmakers and directors of photography. The products include a series of camera sliders, linear tracking systems for filmmakers that uses an advanced technology for motion control. ShooTools devices offer high performance and efficiency, in a sector where the precision is one of the most important topic. An example of the products made by ShooTools is the ‘Time Lapse and Motion Control System’. A POWERTOOLS ADVANCED computer controlled kit: you can access to the control interface from any computer with an ethernet port or via wi-fi, without any software: simply through your browser. In ‘Time Lapse and Motion Control System’ you have a Slider Pro 100: Length: 1030 mm Width: 100 mm Height: 45 mm Weight: 3.80 kg Weight capacity: up to 90 kg Rail: hard anodized extruded aluminium, 3/8” and 1/4” threads at half rail and at the ends for fastening supports and quick release Carriage: CNC milled aluminium from full block, hard anodized, scratch resistant embossed finish, 3/8” standard thread for video or photo head mounting Designed for motorization (Powertools + Mecmotor) ‘Time Lapse and Motion Control System’ is the perfect portable solution, also because the slider is very lightweight: it’s made entirely of aluminum (not a part of steel). The track is also processed with an hard anodizing process (20micron), that increase the tensile strength. When you buy a ‘Time Lapse and Motion Control System’, you buy a complete system: accumulator, battery-charging and feeder is inclused. You have also a professional bag for transport all the equipment. ShooTools is a company specialized in pro-quality devices: from Camera Sliders (Slider Pro 100, 150 and Slider one 80 and 150), Skater, Motion Control, Bags for Slider, Sandbag. And, also, other bundles like ‘360° Bundle’, a beautiful device that control any type of movement and create intriguing 360°. The force of ‘360° Bundle’ is the rolley, a camera skater that allows your imagination maximum freedom of movement and turns into a motorized turntable; a rollmotor easy to install, quiet, powerful, and, most of all, reliable. Dimensions: 400 x 400 mm Weight: 5 kg Weight capacity: up to 25 kg Body: CNC milled aluminium from full block, powder-coated, scratch resistant embossed finish 3/8” standard thread for video or photo head mounting Wheels: 78 Shore polyurethane wheels with ABEC 9 bearings and adjustable radial rotating clusters Designed for motorization (Powertools + Rollmotor) All the ShooTools kits and devices are made with best materials and projected for professional filmmakers, videomakers and directors of photography. ShooTools invite you to discover all the products and devices. The ShooTools products are online. You can buy online and if you need more info, about technical skills or about an order details, you can submit a question. more info >>
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has been a leading LED manufacturer for more than 30 years. The company offers top-quality solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting as well as horticultural and retail lighting. Indoor lighting solutions include LED downlight, LED retrofit lighting, as well as LEDs for architectural lighting. Outdoor lighting solutions include LED lighting for streets, parking lots and gas stations. For the retail industry, OSRAM offers display lighting, downlight, accent lighting, and freezer case lighting. In horticulture, LEDs can stimulate plant growth by up to 40 percent and drastically reduce energy consumption. This website provides information, tools, and solutions for the solid state lighting space. more info >>
Hi5 Electronics manufacture and supply printed circuit boards (PCBs), of all types and quantities, from a purpose built facility in Rochdale. Our team has hundreds of years of combined experience and in-depth knowledge, with the ability to support you through all stages of the process, whether it`s design, manufacture, procurement, data handling, finishes or international transportation. We achieved UL-recognition to produce IMS (insulated metal subtrates) printed circuit boards in January 2013, one of the very few manufacturers in the UK to do so. This offers our customers increased responsiveness and flexibility, further adding to the capabilities we can offer. We produce the finest value in use items that can be made for customers, helping them gain an edge over their competitors. more info >>
Sinotech provides mid- to large-sized companies with high quality electric AC, DC and Brushless DC motors (BLDC motors) as well as custom electric motors built to their clients’ design requirements. Sinotech also offers automotive stampings, progressive die stampings and automotive and steel investment casting services. In addition, Sinotech provides custom engineered mechanical products, metal and plastic components and magnets to a variety of industries, including the medical industry, HVAC industry and more. Sinotech has over 20 years of experience in the international manufacturing and custom motor manufacturing industries and employs engineers who personally supervise all tooling and production to ensure quality control. Working with a full-service manufacturer such as Sinotech helps reduce company risk, as they navigate all of the challenges of offshore manufacturing in order to provide their clients with the highest quality products. more info >>
We are a small appliance repair company. For many years we are providing quality repair service for our clients in West Sacramento, Natomas and Antelope areas. Our technicians are highly trained, with the state of the art equipment they are ready to fix washers and dryers, refrigerators and icemakers, ovens and stoves, pretty much any household appliances. Some of them are trained to repair domestic appliances like Whirlpool and Kenmore, others specialize in imported ones like Samsung and LG. That is why no matter what kind of challenge you are experiencing with your home appliances you can count on us to repair in quickly and professionally! more info >>
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