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There are international mining and drilling companies worldwide. Mining for coal, precious metals and minerals has been going on for hundreds of years and has been a very lucrative business for many individuals and companies. Drilling for oil and gas or to get to specific mines has been just as lucrative over the same timeframe. While this type of business is crucial to our well being there have been many environmental groups to step in along the way and question practices and policies. The cause and effect of this business has especially been a hot button when major catastrophes like the BP Oil Spill happen. But despite whatever opposition may be out there, the mining and drilling business is necessary. On a more localized level it helps create railroads, pipelines for water and sewer and more importantly – jobs. In our directory on mining and drilling you will find links to all the breaking industry news as well as information on the top corporations who compete in this vertical. It doesn’t matter if you are into gathering information on the top mining locations for specific gemstones or need a map of where all the oil drilling locations in the Atlantic Ocean are because this directory covers it all. You’ll even be just a single click away from resources on naturally occurring mineral solids, laws and regulations on a state and national level, blasting techniques and anything else necessary to the business of mining and drilling.
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