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“Opportunity seldom knocks twice,” or so says the old proverb. In the business world, where opportunity is often comes in the form of a rare intersection between timing, market phenomena and cultural whimsy, that saying certainly rings true. The beauty of business opportunities, however, is that they are springing up all of the time. And in order to profit, all one has to do is recognize the opportunity and seize upon it. The resources and websites listed in our Opportunities directory of our Business category are designed to help you leverage the golden opportunities and pass on the snake oil.
Money-making opportunities come in a variety of forms—but most require you have at least a bit of entrepreneurial spark. From franchise opportunities, networking and multi-level marketing and partners programs to work-at-home opportunities, inventions and distribution jobs, business opportunities allow you the independence to make money by your own merits. Successfully carrying out a business opportunity requires that you invest your own time, ideas, effort and passion into a venture. Because of this, many opportunities are considered high risk—but extremely rewarding. The Holy Grail of any opportunity is achieving a level of income where you are independently wealthy—beholden to no employer, corporation or middle management higher up. And for many, the prospect of taking control of their own finances and future is worth the hard work and pressure.
If you are considering pursuing your dream to become an entrepreneur or work for yourself, we recommend that you conduct as much research as possible. There are many excellent opportunities available, but there are just as many scams and dead ends. Don’t let someone else exploit your ambition—take time to review all the resources in our Opportunities directory so you can succeed.
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