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While some people may think wineries only exist in famous wine making regions like Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley in California and specific locations in Italy, we are here to let them know that there are great wineries all over the United States and the world. The only real difference in a wineries location is the type of grapes they can grow due to the climate of the winery location. Wineries are fun getaways for adults in that they offer wine tastings and teach people how wine is made and bottled. To start a wine business all you really need is the land or property to grow your grapes and a warehouse, bottling line and laboratory to test the wine and prepare it for consumption and sale. There are wineries that ship there wine across the world and those that may only produce a few thousand bottles a year and ship them to select stores in a 100 miles radius. Owning a winery can become a very lucrative business even if you stay relatively small and focus on serving a specific region. In our directory on wineries we will offer up resources on how to start and winery and how to run it successfully. You will also find information on the different types of grapes and fruits that can make wine and what type of climates are right for each type. Our directory will even include links to wineries across the world and show you how they became successfully run businesses.
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