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Hardware Systems Manufacturers
The largest company specializing in the manufacture and sale of computers, network integration issues, as well as the supply of office and mobile applications, components and supplies to organizations and individuals. Our store offers a huge selection of modern computer technology: personal and portable computers, monitors, most new printers, scanners, copiers and office equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as consumables. In addition, you can always find our range of accessories, communications equipment, software and computer books. You`ll also be able to get satisfactory answers of our specialists who will help you with your selections. Corporate department of the company has relevant experience and expertise in designing, installing and maintaining computer networks. Employees of the department are certified consultants for solutions based on Intel products and software Microsoft. The result of their work - computer networks in offices in St. Petersburg companies, as well as computer classes in schools of our city. Daily catering computer technology provides the service `Mobile Computer Service. more info >>
Dauntless Computers is Orlando's only custom computer shop. Many people need computers that go above and beyond the capabilities of the big brands. However, performance computers often have a premium on them that is simply unacceptable. By finding the perfect solution between price and performance, Dauntless Computers has made buying a powerful computer a possibility. At Dauntless Computers we make powerful computers for gamers, businesses, or home theaters at a fraction of the cost of department stores. Having sold over 100 computers in the Orlando area, Dauntless Computers is expert in providing both customer service and excellent products. Please Contact us today! more info >>
We sell desktop PC's for anything from just simply browsing the web to hardcore gaming and video editing. Compared to other computer manufacturers, we have great performance for an affordable price. Starting at $500. Other PC manufacturers sell so-called "gaming pcs" that only have a 2GHz processor and a 500GB harddrive. We ensure that you get the most performance for your budget. We also sell server PCs. You can sign up for our newsletter to receive exlusive offers, deals, sales and more! Visit our website and click on the newsletter signup page or the Sign Up button on the popup that appears. more info >>
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