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The three most important attributes about Enterprise Resource Consulting are independence, experience, and financial. Our independence means that we have absolutely no financial arrangement with any ERP company whatsoever. Our focus is guiding you in the selection and implementation of the best ERP system for your business. We’ll lead a deep assessment of your business and, using our knowledge of many ERP systems, and the tools available to us, create the best possible match between your company and ERP software. Whether your company is relatively small, and looking to replace a basic accounting system like QuickBooks, or has a sales volume of hundreds of millions, or anything in between, we have the experience to make the transition to new software a successful one. Our founder, Vince Gismondi, will personally lead your project. He has more than thirty years of experience in software development and deployment for manufacturing and distribution businesses. On the financial front, we provide a free, initial consultation. Our rates are normally less than half of what software vendors and other consultants charge. There are no contracts, and we provide a detailed weekly invoice so that there are never any surprises. We look forward to working with you, and a successful project. more info >>
When you need to find the best Enterprise Resource Planning software, an experienced consultant to organize and research the possibilities is a necessity. We are that consulting firm. As an independent, we're not financially tied to any company. We will lead your team and insure the best decision for your business. We also offer Off-site Consulting which means lower cost and a quicker turnaround for both software selection, and system implementation. Finally, if your company has outgrown QuickBooks, or think you might be, we’ll help you select an onsite or cloud-based ERP system that will be the best possible choice for your situation. more info >>
Time monitoring software is used to track your time. Our principal product is time stay for greater data you csan go to our websites. Whether you're seeking out monitoring the body of workers overall performance or expenses against each assignment, the TimeLive Timesheet software program is the great answer for any business to manipulate their tasks well. Timesheet Tracker helps you to tune the running hours, productivity, prices of your personnel and generates reviews quick. TimeLive is a very easy to apply Online Timesheet Software with lots of effective functions that assist you to tune the time and charges correctly and accurately from everywhere. more info >>
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