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Wireless Access Point Products | Versa Technology Wireless Products & Solutions
Does your company need network equipment, but you’re not sure where to look? Then look no further. AT Versatek Technology, we have been providing companies with high quality network and bridging equipment for 16 years. Our customers range from hotels to telephone companies and everyone in between. We pride ourselves in not only selling the best equipment for networking, but selling them at a cost effective rate. All the equipment we sell is made right in our own plant and is certified by one or more of our expert managers. This is to ensure that you or your company always receives a high quality product. Buying from us is the same as buying straight from the factory, thus there is never a middle-man cost. For all you networking and bridging needs, let Versatek Technology be the company to answer the call. more info >>
Shop-WiFi is a company specialized in worldwide sales for high performance wireless communication products made in Taiwan. Manufacturing and distributing reliable,easy to use,for every day professional equipment such as: Long Range Cordless Phones,GSM Repeaters, wireless CCTV systems,Two Way Radios,Vehicles wireless communication systems,Wireless phone line transfer systems up to 100km,Wireless trackers and other. All products in our offer are made for personal, business, industrial, government or military use. Our sales staff always test all units before delivery and high quality has been verified through our business with many satisfied clients. Shop-WiFi works directly from factories on Taiwan and guarantees 100% original brand new products, with high quality and one year warranty. more info >>
Prepaid cell phones can be useful alternatives to regular plans. These plans typically cost more per minute than traditional diets but are a good alternative for casual cell phone users. Furthermore, they usually do not require a credit check, since you pay as you go. Carriers that offer this type of service vary greatly in the plans they offer. There are several big cell phone providers out there for you to choose from if youre looking for cell phone service, but you should compare cell phone plans to help ensure that you get the best coverage for the best price. Before opting for any one provider, take a look at these things. more info >>
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