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FarrisFahad | Web Development & SEO
Learn the basics of web development and SEO, No background knowledge is required. for absolute beginners the best guide out there for people who would love to start their journey into web developing and SEO. I will take you through the fundamentals of both, and give you the right information for you to start your journey in this fun business. I will guide you step by step until you understand the very basics of web development and SEO. we are going to start by giving you an introduction then you will learn the languages of web development after you know the basics of web development you can start SEO by reading first the introduction more info >> es un sitio web dirigido por jóvenes profesionales interesados en la programación informática, su divulgación y didáctica. Entre las actividades que giran en torno al portal está la edición de libros en formato papel y e-book así como la publicación de cursos sobre distintas materias relacionadas con la programación: java, visual basic, algoritmia, fundamentos, etc. Entre los libros publicados en los últimos años podemos destacar: “Aprender a programar: algoritmos y fundamentos de programación” así como “Creación y administración web con Joomla” o “Aprender a programar en java desde cero”. Se publican numerosos cursos on-line y existen foros donde puede participar cualquier persona interesada. more info >>
After Hours Programming provides educational tutorials and resources for those that want to develop websites. However, we understand that web development is not just programming, but it also includes things like Graphic Design, SEO, Information Architecture, and Usability. Our goal is to teach you the full development process of creating a website. Those four elements are often neglected and can result in serious impairments to your website and your users. If you do not study these elements, you are leaving them to change or a best guess. Why not choose the best option? Start learning website design and development at After Hours Programming to build better website to attract more users and to have more returning users who enjoy your content. more info >>
Web Programming from Basics
Website about learning web developpment from level 0. Periodic posts about progress. Articles about HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, as well as miscellaneous IT-related articles. Blog and forum with no registration required to post comments, questions and what not. Everybody can learn, no matter the educational background. This website is to prove it. A place to start and to discuss projects. Programming might seem difficult but when you start with the basics you will see that it is not. You don't need money to learn, just some determination. You can find free learning material on the internet. You're welcome to share your opinions, questions or concerns. more info >>
These days’ iPhone apps are in demand like anything. Children, youngsters, and oldies everybody loves playing games on iPhone. iPhone apps development for kids is playing a great role in developing the young minds of kids. The games in iPhones for children are educational and entertaining. They learn a lot while they use such applications and play games on mobile devices. There is a variety of applications meant for children. Apps are categorized as below a particular age and then apps for kids between a certain age limit. There are mathematical applications and games to make their young minds sharp and strong. more info >>
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