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Professionelle Datenrettung von Festplatten für Privat- und Geschäftskunden. In dem Fall einer nicht mehr initialisierbaren oder Festplatte, empfehlen wir einen kühlen Kopf zu bewahren. Schnelle Formatierungen oder Zugriffe können Ihre wichtigen Dateien völlig beschädigen. Sie sollten auch nochmalige Zugriffe auf die Festplatte oder auch nur ein `unter Strom setzen` unbedingt vermeiden, da bei einem Defekt der SchreibLeseeinheit die Datenträgeroberfläche weiter zerstört werden kann. Senden Sie uns einfach Ihre HDD in einem gut gepolsterten Paket zu. Sobald Ihre Festplatte bei uns eintrifft, werden wir eine kostenlose Analyse Strarten. Dabei stellen wir den Fehler fest und teilen Ihnen den weiteren Ablauf mit. Danach können wir Ihnen dann einen fixen Kostenvoranschlag erstellen. more info >>
Trust your data to Synetic Technologies. We are an ITAD and ITAM company located in Kansas City. Your company’s DNA is stored within your hardware – and if that falls into the wrong hands it can cost you millions in lawsuits and attorney fees. The importance of destroying that data pre-disposition is critical. The responsibility lies with you, not your subcontractors. That's why highly certified and ethical data destruction companies like us matter. It’s not your current IT assets that pose the biggest threat to you. It’s the equipment you retire and decommission after it's lived it's life. Not sure where to turn? Let Synetic Technologies handle all of your IT asset and data management needs! more info >>
Provides cyber security penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services for corporate networks, websites and web portals, and mobile applications. Provides consultancy services for ISO27001 and PCI DSS audits. In IT world today, right from managing corporate networks and websites up to the development of a business application, the cyber security is essential. This also extends to the mobile apps because of their spread in the industry. Valency Networks is a services firm offering cutting edge cyber security services. The reason why customers should leverage these services, is because their networks and websites become secure from prying eyes of evil hackers. Valency NEtworks carries an experience and a talent pool to provide best services at the uniquely lower costs. Focusing on global markets, Valency has been successful in developing trust among their customers, getting an edge on their competitors. more info >>
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