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DICA Technologies GmbH is a manufacturer of encryption devices for the protection of voice, video, mobile, and e-mail communications. With the ScryptGuard GSM and email series, you have the advantage to get confidential mobile phone conversations and exchange secure emails. The end to end hardware-based encryption solutions of the DICA are efficient, cost effective and protect your company`s internal information for years. DICA support and the easy usability of the devices assure companies to focus on the core competencies and not gild the time with constant bug fixes and reconfiguration. Communications service providers, network operators and Internet providers are faced with a flood of attacks on their systems every day. They guarantee the functional security of their systems, yet the spies, motivated by the economic gains from data theft, are always one step ahead. It is up to you to decide how important your data are and how much protection they need. We can help you to make your data, and in this way your economic capital, invisible for others. more info >>
SecureMetric Technology is a Digital security company specialising in software licensing protection, authentication security solutions and professional security training. SecureMetric Technology is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, with local braches around South East Asia including Hanoi, HCMC, Jakarta, Manila and Singapore. SecureMetric Technology visions is to become a Leading Digital Security across South East Asia. To date, SecureMetric Technology is protecting for more then 2000 software developers software across the world. SecureMetric Technology Software Protection Services is famous to be the most competitive one at the market with great support and better security to fight against software piracy. SecureMetric Technology have been in the industry for 15 years serving many governments and private companies to enhance their security services. more info >>
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