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Full service veterinary hospital and clinic located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our full line of services includes: pet dental care, surgery, boarding, grooming, wellness programs, nutritional counseling, endocrinology, microchip identification, pain management, parasite and worm control, radiology, eye care, vaccinations, pet supplies, and more. The Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas not only provides the best veterinary care, but also provides a compassionate and caring environment for pets and their families. PMC has been serving the Las Vegas area since 1993. Our experienced veterinarians and staff are committed to providing education opportunities for our clients to promote preventative health care and responsible pet ownership. more info >>
Perrin 410 Animal Hospital is the best place in San Antonio for general care as well as emergency care services. All of our vets are highly experienced and are innovative and knowledgeable. They will ensure that the best and latest technology is used to provide the best care possible. We have been in San Antonio for over 23 years and provide comprehensive dental, surgical, medical and critical care. At Perrin 410 we want your furry friends to be happy and healthy and we do that by providing the best animal care we can possibly provide. Come try our new stem cell treatments for pets with arthritis pain and other age related issues. more info >>
Creekside Pet Good proper care Center is a full support vet hospital located in the Keller, Florida. Our professional and well-mannered health and fitness proper care team plans to top great quality in therapy top great quality and client support. We utilize impressive and state of the art knowledge, equipment, and techniques to look after your creatures and exceed your goals. We identify the connection between people and creatures and treat them as part of the family. As an accepted member of the American Animal Hospital Organization, we are devoted to providing top great quality in small monster proper care. Our hospital is examined continually by AAHA to create sure that we meet or exceed the association`s specifications of top great quality. AAHA specifications are recognized around the world as the standard for top great quality proper care in vet medicine. We have continually gone through tests by AAHA to create sure that we follow the association`s top top great quality specifications of proper care. These specifications cover nearly every aspect of our hospital, such as surgery, pharmacy, medical, evaluation features, pet health and fitness records, cleanliness, emergency services, dental and nursing proper care, analytic picture, and anesthesiology. Approximately 15 percent of monster medical centers in North America are accepted by AAHA. more info >>
Pet Health Hospital is a veterinary clinic located in Las Vegas, NV with a unique focus on "preventative care and wellness programs." Our primary goal is to keep pets healthy through routine maintenance procedures, vaccinations and screenings using our exclusive "canine health" and "feline health" programs. By maintaining the basic health needs of the animal in unison with specific, routine procedures meant to address common ailments that are breed-specific, we are able to prevent many common diseases later in life, saving the pet owner money and potentially expensive surgeries and treatments. Our approach is unique in veterinary medicine, with most veterinarians concentrating on treating sickness instead of preventing it. more info >>
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