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A winning smile can go a long way in making you look better and feel more confident. While dental hygiene, traditional orthodontics and the familiar cleaning and surgery done in the name of good oral health does improve your smile to a degree, cosmetic dentistry takes it one step further. Cosmetic dentists go beyond fillings, cavities, crowns and caps and delve into the more artistic side of crafting a gorgeous smile and a healthy looking set of teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can range from professional tooth whitening to porcelain veneers and dental implants. With cosmetic dentistry, you can close gaps, replace missing teeth, smooth out chipped or cracked teeth, whiten your teeth (removing that stained, yellowed look from coffee, smoking and again) and more.
The fundamental differences between a traditional dentist, who you may visit once every six months to a year for regular checkups, cleanings and root canals, and a cosmetic dentist is similar to the differences between an everyday surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. Plastic surgeons, for example, are doctors who have undergone the typical medical school training and residencies and later chose cosmetic work as his or her specialty. With cosmetic dentists, it’s much the same—these are dentists with D.D.S. behind their name and formal education on their resumes. But on top of the basic academic work, residencies and approvals from medical boards, cosmetic surgeons have additional training that helps them create more beautiful smiles for their patients.
Because cosmetic work for your teeth is often elective, it isn’t always covered by insurance. But just like with cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, you can often find low cost financing options to make your cosmetic dental work possible.
Going to the dentist shouldn’t be stressful. Instead, a visit with your dentist should be painless, quick, and pleasant. At Executive Dental Arts, we strive to bring you great dental care, flexible schedules, and comfortable examination rooms. Can’t make a weekday appointment? No problem. We know how busy you are, which is why we offer Saturday, lunch, and evening appointments. Tired of boring examination rooms? Let our in-room LED TVs take your mind away while we clean and treat your teeth. Visit our site today to see what we can do for your or call us for an appointment. We guarantee that we’re unlike any dental office you’ve visited before! more info >>
Your teeth are important. Even though it’s a good idea to take care of your teeth, dental insurance can be very expensive. If you think you can’t afford complete dental coverage, you may be looking at the wrong types of insurance. You will find lots of interesting information about dentistry of all kinds at This site includes plenty of details about dentistry that you may want to know. You will even find ways to make last minute dental emergency appointments on this site. Don’t ignore your teeth. Instead, find a way to make sure that your teeth stay intact for years to come by visiting 21st Century Dental. more info >>
Houston Dentist
For all your dental needs in the Houston, Texas area, stop by Garden Oaks Dental. At Garden Oaks our dental staff provides the highest quality dental procedures available. Dentists Dr. Rubina Zaman and Dr. Deena Zaman have been caring for patients for 9 years. Both are graduates of U. of Texas at Houston’s dental school. Always using the most advanced technology and techniques available, the dental staff at Garden Oaks wants you to have the most comfortable quality care possible. Our services administer to almost all your dental needs. We also take most P.P.O. (Preferred Provider Organization), Medicaid, and U.S. Military and D.o.D. insurance plans to make it as easy on the pocketbook. For all your dentistry needs in the Houston area, stop by for a check up. more info >>
Dental McKinney
Are you looking to have that perfect smile, but don’t know where to get it? Dental McKinney is definitely your answer then. Our company provides a resource of top dental offices in Texas and all around the U.S.. We carefully select which dentist offices are chosen through careful research. All of our dentist are certified and well trained professionals who seek to give the best smile possible. Versed in the latest techniques and technologies, our dentist strive to leave you with a bright smile that is sure to have people noticing. We also provide sedation dentistry for the most comfortable care available. This is to put you the patient at ease while we do the work. For a great smile come check us out today. more info >>
Glendale Dental
If you live in the Glendale area, and you are a dentist, consider opening up your own dental practice. Glendale is a nice area that’s full of people searching for a dentist. The only problem is that most people have no idea where to look. So, instead of using the phonebook, people look for a Glendale dentist on the Internet. When the search term “Glendale Dentist” is type into a search engine, your site should pop up. This can only happen if you have the best URL available. We have the URL that you need right here. All you have to do is buy this URL from us, and you’ll see what this site can do for you. Contact us today for more information! more info >>
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