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Specific Disabilities
Resource for a Child with Apraxia
Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)- also known as speech or verbal apraxia) have problems articulating sounds, syllables, and words. This is a motor problem due to the brain`s inability to direct the body parts (e.g., lips, jaw, tongue) necessary for speech. A child with apraxia knows what you are saying and knows what he or she wants to say. The problem is that the child`s brain won`t direct the speech articulators specifically enough to create actual words. This website is a speech language pathologist`s endorsement of `Apraxia Explained,` an e-book which describes one mother`s incredible journey to help her daughter deal with and eventually overcome this speech disorder. more info >>
Autism Lighthouse is a website dedicated to helping individuals and families affected by autism. We provide parenting tips, homeopathic remedies, gluten free recipes, poems written by a child with autism, therapy ideas, links to autism apps and inspirational stories. It also shares the experiences of raising our son, Scott, who could not talk until he was 6 years old and at one point was told that he would be institutionalized. Despite his disability, Scott continues to be an inspiration to many in our community, having been named "Most Valuable Runner" on his college cross-country team back in 2008. Also, he was the first autistic runner to be named "Academic All-American" at the community college level. more info >>
Discover Autism Help is a parent’s source for ideas and techniques for teaching strategies, speech therapy, occupational therapy, reading, math, and writing, most of which can be implemented at home. Based on a belief that children with autism can benefit from extra help at home, this site is devoted to giving parents resources they need to help their children reach their potential. Kay Donato, the owner and author of this website is a mother with over 19 years of experience raising and teaching her son with autism. He was once nonverbal, but is now learning to speak in sentences. Her mission is to share techniques and strategies she used to help her son progress to that level, reaching goals that many people claimed were impossible to achieve. Future content on this site will include independent living skills, health tips and dietary information, including the gluten-free and dairy-free diet as well as other special diets. more info >>
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