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Home Gyms
If you’re into bodybuilding, then you probably know how important fitness is. You may also enjoy attending fitness events where you can meet other bodybuilders. There are many of these events all over the world. Every year, various fitness events are held, and some of these events may even be held in your own town. Finding out about these events may take some time and planning, but there’s a better way to learn about all the fitness events. Simply visit This website lists all the best fitness events, so that you can buy your tickets ahead of time and head to the best fitness events every time. more info >>
Fitness courses to enhance knowledge
The learning curve for fitness courses is really a steep one. Apart from teaching the fundamentals of health and fitness, these courses help you grow as a professional who has an intricate knowledge of the various aspects of physical and mental health care. It can be a perfect way to begin a career as a gym instructor. However, if you do not want to step into the field of fitness training, you can still use the knowledge you have gained during this training at different times in life. Information about fitness workouts can be a great plus if you are planning to open a spa. A number of people turn up for traditional therapies offered at these spas especially for weight loss. The same is true of fitness training. Most people choose physical training and gyms to shed their extra pounds. After completion of certified fitness courses, a person is well versed in various aspects of healthcare and fitness. The therapies offered in a spa are focused on eliminating harmful chemicals from the body so as to be in a fit and vigorous state. more info >>
Rep Fitness is a supplier of high quality weight lifting equipment. We price our products extremely competitively, and many of our products are made in the USA, and built to handle extremely tough workouts such as CrossFit and Olympic lifting. We're choosy about what we offer on our site, so there's no need to sort through a ton of mediocre equipment to find what you need on our site. We review many of the products we list with detailed videos which help you to find the right equipment to fit your needs. If you are looking for equipment to outfit your home gym, we have what you need! more info >>
Doing pull ups is one of the best muscle building exercises. Not only does it work your back, but it also works your biceps, triceps and chest, depending on the type of pull up you do. Get yourself a pull up bar at home and you can do this amazing exercise without going to the gym. Don't know what pull up bar to get? We feature reviews of the most popular pull up bars, including wall mounted, doorway mounted and free standing pull up bars and chin up bars. We also have loads of informative articles to help you make a better buying decision. more info >>
At NERX Gear we provide a easy way to furnish your gym. Whether it is an at home gym or you are looking to start your own gym, we have the equipment you need. We strive to deliver you good quality equipment without breaking your budget. Each piece of gear will be delivered straight to you, no hassle no gimmicks. Not a fan of ordering big items online? No worries, we will be more than happy to do it via phone. Questions or concerns? We are happy to assuage them, it is our pleasure to meet your fitness equipment needs. more info >>
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