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Home Care
The world of bees is a very complex one that a human being’s lifespan is not enough to fully understand it. Our website is dedicated to all those who want to find out more about this tiny yet miraculous insect. contains useful information for beekeepers and honey consumers as well. Here one can find out about the anatomy of bees, the diseases that can kill them but also about various treatments and recipes based on honeybee products, such as honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly and bee venom. We invite you to join us in a journey into the wonderful world of bees. more info >>
Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil that is created by distilling the leaves of the `Tea Tree` plant, native to Australia. The native populations of Australia have been using Tea Tree Oil for hundreds of years to help with chest congestion, treat cuts and scrapes, and even disinfect wounds. Tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial solution that is provided by Mother Nature. Western culture has begun to realize that Tea Tree Oil has many practical uses and is quite effective for treating many ailments. Some of the conditions that Tea Tree Oil is used for are to treat acne, Vaginal Yeast Infection, Thrush, insect bites, and many more. Today you will even find Tea Tree Oil used in many household products such as Shampoo, Hand Soap, and even toothpaste. more info >>
Bath Depot is the UK largest supplier of steam showers, steam shower baths and whirlpool baths from Insignia. Based within Milton Keynes Bath Depot provide a large range of steam showers and whirlpool baths each offering therapeutic and health benefits combined with mood lightening features and much more. These therapeutic appliances come flat packed for convenience and are easily assembled and installed. Once fitted you are introduced a vast array of features such as chromo-therapy lighting, body massage, foot and calf massage, steam generator and much more all working through the latest remote touch screen technology. Alongside supplying these wonderful devices Bath Depot also offers the wholesale distribution for companies and individuals looking to re-sell these amazing products. more info >>
Corinium Care is a care giving agency based in the UK which specialise in dementia care. Our carers offer support for families with elderly relatives who require care in their own home. Specialising in care for dementia sufferers, Corinium care are a caregiver company based in the United Kingdom. We offer live in care for clients who suffer from dementia and require 24/7 support by offering an emergency care service. We also create roles for people overseas who wish to work in the UK as caregivers. If you are looking for jobs as a caregiver in the United Kingdom then Corinium Care could be for you. Corinium Care offer 24/7 support lines for our clients, whilst offering live-in caregivers with more than 15 years experience providing this kind of care. more info >>
Greenway Home care is a family run care agency located in Redhill, Surrey. We operate with an emphasis on providing a personal, traditional form of home care to our clients. After just two inspections we have received a three star CQC rating, which is the highest available. We operate within the top nineteen percent of home care services in England and are one of the highest ranking home care providers in Surrey. We try and provide whatever services our clients require. This could be as diverse as walking a pet, serving their meals at a specific time or a waking them up at a specific time. more info >>
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