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We at online hearing test have developed a reliable online hearing test which is free to use and which gives the user a very good reading of their hearing results. Our Online hearing test can be used by anyone with access to a computer and the internet. Our online hearing test can be used as a one off visit or as a revisiting check over time of a person’s hearing to check that nothing untoward is happening. All you have to do to use our online hearing test is to log in to our site and follow the prompts. We expect our online hearing test to be used by people all over the world and as computers and the internet expand, so will the diversity of users. We have already worked out many other uses for our online hearing test, including education and medical. These will be rolled out over the next few months. more info >>
Got mold? Not Sure? ASAP Restoration provides 24 hour mold testing and remediation services in the Phoenix Metro Area. Our team of Phoenix Mold specialists are experienced, licensed and certified to handle all mold removal requests for both home and business owners. So why test for mold? Mold is a serious health risk if it is inside your home or building structure. In an outdoors environment mold is not harmful it is simply the process of nature, however if it is indoors, mold spores can grow on wet surfaces. This means that mold growth is only possible with the presence of water. Most people think that major water damage caused by pipe leak, appliance water leak, flood or storm are the main causes for mold damage. Though this is true, it can also be caused by small leaks in small areas to where the homeowner isn't even aware of a mold growth presence. Make sure you understand how much of a health hazard mold damage can be to you and our families. more info >>
Natural mold removal and mold testing services offered by Phoenix, Arizona mold damage restoration contractors at ASAP Restoration LLC. We are certified to handle, test, and remove mold from your home or building structure. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to handle all of your mold needs. Often times many people are not even aware of the fact there is a mold presence inside their homes until they begin to get sick and ill as a symptom of being exposed to mold growth. We offer affordable mold damage testing services to home and business owners on a valley wide basis. We are highly experienced in testing infected areas properly and providing quick lab results for all of our customers. Mold removal services are needed if indeed we find that your home or building has mold spores and growth within the building structure. If left unmoved, the mold environment will continue to worsen and the health problems will not go away. Get rid of mold altogether with one phone call. We will help you with mold damage day or night. more info >>
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