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Medical Equipment
Global Medical Solutions was founded on the idea of supplying medical, hospital and home medical equipment for a low cost. To that end you will find a large selection of high quality products from electrosurgery and ventilators to CPAP, nebulizers and oxygen therapy. Each product comes from an established manufacturer with warranties matching or exceeding industry standards. To serve the global market every product has an image, detailed description and a company profile so you the customer can make a wise purchase. The store offers both retail and a secure login discount area for registered users and wholesale buyers. You simply create a free account then login and enjoy your discounts, start saving today! more info >>
Kangen water
In June 2004, the company Enagic ™ celebrated his 30 years as one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices and of Kangen water in the world. Enagic ™ started in Tokyo, Japan in June 1974. There are more than 400,000 medical devices in Japan including many hospitals that use these devices to treat their patients. Enagic indeed is the only company in the world to possess the highest certifications in the health field, visible and downloadable online. We have created a Team in Italy and Europe called KangenSuperTeam. KangenSuperTeam is a Team represented by professionals in both health & wellness Marketing sector that operate with great passion and Ethical spirit in order to spread this extraordinary scientific discovery, so valuable as unique in its simplicity. It`s a team composed by personalities who organize Medical meetings and Conventions throughout Italy Live Online and contributing in this way to serious and correct diffusion medical/Sientifica of a product unique in the world and nobody can do without. more info >>
Fresenius Medical Care is the world’s largest supplier of dialysis products and services for individuals. Their core competency is providing solutions for people suffering from chronic kidney failure. From research and development to manufacturing, Fresenius provides a complete and integrated choice to therapy within their own medical clinics. They operate in over 120 countries, with close to 3000 dialysis clinics and 40 production sites around the world. Fresenius Singapore currently supplies a range of Harmodialysis machines, peritoneal dialysis systems, water treatment systems, treatment recliners, dialysis consumables and a whole range of supplies. Fresenius Singapore currently has 20 dialysis centre throughout Singpore. more info >>
Allied medical is a provider of quality medical supplies located in Perth, WA. Always on top of their game, allied medical has a wide range of modern, innovative products on hand for medical staff. Allied medical prides itself on providing top quality equipment for today’s medical needs. Part of ASX listed company Allied Healthcare Group Ltd, Allied medical constantly growing, and aims to become of the of largest medical suppliers in Australia. Australian owned, Allied medical is sure to provide some of the most popular equipment on the market. The staff at allied medical are helpful and friendly, and always available to answer technical questions and queries. more info >>
Choosing the Best Stethoscope Reviews & Articles
When it comes to deciding on the best stethoscope, finding the answer lies in what you intend to use it for, what features you need, and your budget. A stay at home parent, a nursing student, and a cardiologist all have different requirements that their stethoscope must fulfill. A cardiologist needs the absolute best sounding and most sensitive stethoscope, and a pro-active parent only usually needs the basic features and a decent quality of sound. Whether you are a cardiologist, a nursing student, or a proactive parent, we will help you decide on the best stethoscope that fits your needs and your budget. There are great stethoscopes in most price ranges, but it all depends on how much you need versus how much you want to pay. more info >>
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