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James Kershaw has been serving Niagara`s inbound seniors since 1998. Along with his partner Nancy Grampola (mezzo-soprano) regular engagements at residences and nursing homes will include sing-a-longs, piano presentations, and conversation that offer residents spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits that augment their quality of life. Collectibles displayed on the website are tactile objects handled by seniors and offer a medium for recall and conversation. Some residents we serve have lost the power of language and this is where appropriate music has the potential to comfort and stimulate the senses. This may ease the burden of frustration and isolation common to dementia sufferers. Ongoing engagements are scheduled for the Niagara region. James Kershaw is sponsored by Dell Pharmacy, R.T.Respiratory Inc. and Lifetime Financial Planning Group. more info >>
Alzheimers Care-Stages and Signs
While Alzheimer’s is a very dangerous and life threating disease there are many signs and symptoms that can let us diagnose and prevent it. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and generally affects those above 64, but can manifest before or after this range. Mental disorders have presented complex problems for patients, researches, doctors, and caregivers. Although dementia-related diseases are strongly linked with genetics, behavior and interaction have proven to be strong deterrents. Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services developed a complete line of dementia-related support services to ensure the total health and satisfaction of our residents and their families. more info >>
CMSS provides a unique approach to Alzheimer's, Dementia, and other mental health issues. With a network of several providers and services across Chicagoland, CMSS is uniquely positioned to provide Alzheimer's Care with a variety of treatment perspectives and approaches united by a commitment to ethical and value-oriented services. This means providing support to families experiencing dementia or Alzheimer's in their loved ones and encouraging broader awareness of treatment options and preventative activities. While no cure exists for Alzheimer's, the symptoms can be alleviated if caught earlier on through memory activities, social engagement, and nutritional enhancements. CMSS' senior living blog and Dementia social media network addresses these topics, and overall can provide senior living and counseling for families dealing with Dementia. more info >>
Victory Personal care provides specialized, primary medical care for patients who are 65 years of age and older in the Houston, Texas area. Our company knowledge of the functional, medical, and psychosocial aspects of geriatric care, we partner with patients, caregivers and families to enhance quality of life. We understand the very core of our existence is a on-going quest for continuous improvement of our relationships and services. This is vital to our professional well-being. Victory Personal Care success depends on our ability to anticipate and satisfy clients needs. Success is measured by the degree of commitment we demonstrate in consistently meeting and exceeding our clients expectations. more info >>
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