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Not a day passes that we don’t use one of our five traditional or five additional human senses. Daily life can be made much more difficult if you have health issues that are interrelated with your vision, hearing, touch, taste or smell. Not to mention if you have issues with temperature, balance, acceleration, pain or direction. The health of our senses is important so we can function as humans at the highest possible level. Also, life would be pretty boring without the ability to see a beautiful mountain, smell a rose bush, hear a great song, touch a loved one or taste an orange. Our senses dictate how we live and help form what kind of person we are based on our sensitivities with each. In our directory on senses we offer up extensive information on how each sense works and what their functionality is in normal humans. We also have links to ear, nose and throat doctors and physicians around the world that are experts in helping with ailing senses. You will even find resources on each individual sense, why they have been categorized as such and why humans have an additional five senses that other mammals do not. In order to make sure you are optimizing the way you use each of your senses and ultimately live your life a directory like this is of utmost importance. Make sure you aren’t under using one sense or another and enjoy life to the fullest extent by gaining knowledge from our senses directory.
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