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We’re all trying to watch our figure. But an effective weight loss solution that doesn’t lead to a life of joyless routine and restrictive regimens is as elusive as the Fountain of Youth or a perpetual motion machine. For all of humanity’s admirable progress, we have yet to find a weight loss program that clicks for every man, woman or teenager.
Luckily, there are at least a handful of weight loss solutions out there that will work for any individual. The challenge lies in finding the system that works for you—whether it’s diet, exercise, medication, surgery or a combination of all four. That’s because there are hundreds of dieting systems, exercise programs and other solutions available on the Internet and in books. You could try them all one by one, but that’s neither advisable for your good health nor feasible in the typical human lifespan. So, what’s a fat burning hopeful to do? One word: research.
There are a number of popular weight loss and dieting programs that have gained quite a bit of national attention. By reading reviews, testimonials and expert opinions, you can find out which weight loss schemes are hype and which ones are the real deal. We can help you find out information about the tried and true weight loss programs in our Weight Loss subcategory of our Health directory. Whether you’re looking for low fat cooking recipes, clinics and services or just a few good books to get you started, our Weight Loss directory is an excellent jumping off point.
We wish you the best of luck in your weight loss goals. We also advise that you consult with a physician or qualified dietician before embarking on any major weight loss plan. Also, be sure to read our articles and resources about eating disorders and support groups if you suspect that you or someone you love may have a serious problem.
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