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At Captain Soot Chimney Services we enjoy what we do and take pride in our work. Our services keep your family warm and safe. When you need your chimney cleaned, inspected repaired or relined call us. If your bricks are loose on your chimney our expert masons can repoint or rebuild it for you. Are you spending too much money on heating your home? We sell and install wood burning stoves they are offered at the best prices anywhere on our website so check them out! If you need your chimney swept, repaired, a stainless steel liner installed or a wood burning stove installed in your home give us a call we will be happy to answer any questions for you and give you a free estimate! 631 842 2336 more info >>
Local Buffalo Remodeling
HomePro Remodeling is a remodeling company in Buffalo, New York. They offer all types of remodeling from bathrooms to kitchens. No matter how big the job, we have the tools to accomplish the task. If you are needing new countertops for your bathroom or kitchen, HomePro is the one to call. If new flooring is need to make your kitchen shine, let your Buffalo remodeling contractor install it for you. They have the expertise and professionalism to do a job that leave you with 100% satisfaction. If you are needing new siding for your home, a new roof, new replacement windows, or even a basement renovation, HomePro is the one to call. more info >>
Carpet Repair Specialists
Carpet Repair is cost effective. Carpet Medic is dedicated to quality carpet repairing and motivated by customer satisfaction. Common carpet damage at home can include moth damage, pet wee or pet scratch damage, an iron burn mark or make-up and bleach spillages on the carpet, all of which can easily be resolved by our quality carpet repairing techniques. Carpet repair is also very cost effective. When a hot iron accidently falls on the carpet consider a carpet repair before you replace. The cost of a carpet repair out weighs the cost of a replacement by hundreds of pounds. All carpet repair work is carried out by our own expert carpet repairers repairing carpets around Great Britain. more info >>
Ground Zero Restoration, LLC is a fully licensed and bonded water damage, mold damage, mold removal, and fire damage restoration company in Phoenix, Arizona. We help homeowners who have been victims of flood damage, water damage, mold build up, or have had their homes caught on fire. We fully restore your home and work with your insurance companies to efficiently repair and remove any mold in your home with no out of pocket expenses. Our Arizona water damage company is here to help you with any emergency 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with all types of fire damage, mold damage, and water damage to your home. We are general contractors who handle all types of work from plumbing, air conditioning, remodeling, and general construction. more info >>
Winston Salem Fire Damage Repairs
Alliance Pro Restorations has twenty years of experience in Restoration an Remodeling Services ranging from a variety of minor to major projects. Our Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina Insurance Restoration Specialists offer our trained and certified services in Water Restoration, Fire Restoration, Mold Remediation, Storm Damage and other recovery services. We assure you that our success has been based on our years of excellent service for both residential and commercial properties with attentive Emergency Service Restoration. Water damage repair and restoration, antimicrobial treatments, drying services, and fire and smoke restoration are some of our main specialties that are essential in these days of various natural disasters. more info >>
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