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In this day and age when someone talks about urban living they are typically referring to a specific way of sustainable living that people are doing in a certain town, city or other large location with homes and businesses. The term may refer to how new construction is being planned or even the decorative nature of the buildings being built. Urban living is not only a way of life but also a style and a set of unspoken guidelines and rules used to make sense of specific pockets of restaurants, housing developments, townhomes and other planned development. Urban living changes with the time but has been extremely set on “green” and sustainable ways of thinking over the last decade. As homeowners realize they need to think about the future, they understand that the best way to handle their urban planning is to use materials and areas that have the ability to thrive over the course of time.

In our directory on urban living we welcome websites that look at the different variations of urban living across the globe and why the location has everything to do with the type of urban living currently taking place. Do you have a website that offers up information, resources and tools that speak to specific urban living design and planning techniques? Click Submit Site to add your website to our growing Home directory.

Our goal is to make sure that whatever your questions on urban planning may be – we can answer them with the quality, relevant websites in our Urban Living directory.
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