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It is little none, that a correctly trained and accredited Paediatric Chiropractor can have a profound influence on your baby or childrens health. Many common ailments for infants and children, can stem from a traumatic, or difficult birth. Chiropractic work can assist with common infant issues such as silent reflux, Torticollis, flattening of the head due to only being able to sleep on one side, and delays in crawling in walking without any obvious reason. Chiropractic for babies is very different from general chiropractic for adults, and no 'cracking of the neck' or forceful manipulation is used. For this reason it is important to only take your baby or child to someone who is qualified and specializes in paediatric chiropractic. Dr Alyson Murray is a trained paediatric chiropractor in Melbourne with over 20 years experience, who exclusively treats babies and children. more info >>
Kids First Pediatrics is a pediatric medical office located in Raleigh, North Carolina. They provide a family-centered and comprehensive approach to each patient's health care. This means that each patient is chooses to have a long-term relationship with one of the physicians, and that doctor will base the health care off of the child's physical, emotional, and social needs. Knowing the patient's past and each dimension of their life helps the physician to treat the patient optimally. It also helps the physician to anticipate the patient's development, and any acute and chronic care the child might need. Other approaches fall short of preventative and holistic care, but Kids First's approach covers all the bases. Because of this, Kids First is known to be a top provider of pediatric health care in the Triangle area. more info >>
Lice Removal Treatment In Your Home. Head Lice Removal in your neighborhood. We service Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, Manhattan NY, Staten Island NY. We provide your family with same day, head lice removal treatment services, which are discreet and professional. Our lice removal technicians are experts at making kids comfortable and the process quick and painless. Our technicians will ensure that the hair are lice and nit free. Recently, head lice outbreaks in day cares and schools are becoming more and more widespread. We offer head lice screenings for schools and camps. We also have a lice insurance program for schools. more info >>
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