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Welcome to our directory on kids, teens, people, and society. The world of people and society to which kids and teens pay attention includes a large population of both the familiar and the famous. The category covers the people that kids and teens call friends, whether it is someone they know for school or those they have met through a reputable pen pals program. Programs such as these allow kids to get to know people of different cultures and countries. People and Society also includes the personal expression of kids and teens. This might take place through online communities, where users come together to offer opinions on their world. Or, kids may express themselves through a personal homepage on the World Wide Web. A homepage is an extension of a kid's identity in cyberspace, and it allows a great deal of creative freedom, though proper guidance by adults is recommended. Beyond what kids and teens experience, children also identify personally with the entertainment culture of the day. This includes stars of film and television. These people have become so popularized to kids and teens and so heavily covered by the media that they seem as real of a presence as family members and friends. The same is true of famous musicians and the songs they perform. As a result of this culture, the people and society that make up a kid's world are vast. This may inspire their imaginations, but it also presents new experiences and challenges with every click.
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