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Welcome to the kids and teens directory for sports and hobbies. For most people, these two activities are what define childhood. Cooking is one of these great hobbies. You might be interested in learning how to bake the world's best batch of chocolate chip cookies or how to create the ultimate bacon cheeseburger. Or, you may be more interested in gardening as a hobby: learning what type of seeds to buy, how to condition the soil, and strategies for getting the most out of the plants you grow. Reading is an important hobby to many kids and teens; books are available for all age levels and interests, from flip books to young adult literature to classic novels. Other kids spend hours involved in their favorite sports. While the season may dictate what is played, kids and teens can usually find pick-up games with friends, join leagues run by youth centers, or take part in a school team. These sports offer kids and teens a great deal of benefits. First, active participation builds healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Second, the type of structure that kids and teens find in sports provides them with boundaries and a mindset of establishing goals. Third, in team sports, children learn to work with one another, to communicate, and to achieve something together. The popularity of sports in modern culture is due in part to their entertainment value, but it also because of the influence we feel and remember as kids playing sports ourselves.
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