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This directory is dedicated to links for kids, teens and your family. We serve as a resource for links to information on traditional family members, such as brothers and sisters, parents, and grandparents. However, the idea of a family has changed over the course of human history both in its role and its make-up. In American culture today, a variety of issues complicate what seems to be a simple issue. The level of connection is not always the most important part of a relationship. For the kids in your family, it could be that a third cousin is more of a part of their lives and decisions than a grandfather. Tracing the genealogy of your family is one way for kids to become more connected to their relatives, to learn about who their ancestors were, and to see what they accomplished. Modern technology has made it much easier to trace your family line. Many paper records and public documents have been digitized and linked to databases that you can access from the comfort of your own home. For some kids and teens, however, family is more than just the people who are genetically connected to them. Adoption may be the way in which children are joined with your family. Or, you may be the step parent of several children. For this reason, we collect links in our subdirectories for kids and teens on both of these subjects. Explore the resources that we have available for your family to learn more.
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