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General news site and comprehensive all news of interest to Saudi Arabia and particularly Saudis residing outside Saudi Arabia cares news women and health and beauty and all aspects of human life for the Saudis. Idea site need Saudi citizen to comprehensive site for all daily updates all site sources are the official licensed and subject to the law of Creative Commons and the Millennium, intellectual property rights do not override any rights obtained necessary licenses if required publication of source protected rights is posted with reference to the source. Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt falls within our news coverage. more info >>
A website where anyone can write own news in english, german and italian. A really interesting newspaper, not just another boring one: real story and real time by people that live in Berlin. It's also possible to upload images, and there are categories about news too. The problem of a lot of newspapers is that all of them show the same news, and they ignore the point of view of readers, they often don’t know what people think s interesting, but this website is made by peoples, it’s written by them, and they know better, sometimes, what is the point o daily life! more info >>
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