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Here, we collect links to resources for breaking news. Your interest may tend towards breaking news on business, the economy, or society. We provide subdirectories to cover these types of subjects. Among the links we publish, you may find many ways to get the information you want. When the breaking news is about and announced by a company, this information will often be available on the company's website. It may also be sent as a press release to news media outlets so that the company can frame the story. Sometimes, the information is broadcast over the internet or uploaded in video or audio form so that users throughout the world can access it. When the breaking news comes from the media rather than the source, publishers will typically provide links to stories on their own websites. Many use alternative outlets, such as social networks, for sharing links to these stories or for providing the headlines to readers. Some stories are more common as breaking news than others. For example, serious crime, public endangerment, and emergencies are issues that people need to know about as soon as possible so that they can take measures to protect themselves. Economic and corporate stories are also important, since the positive (or negative) news can influence the world markets and impact people throughout the world who have invested in these markets. Ultimately, we as the consumers can take in these stories, determine their value in our lives, and choose how we are going to respond to the news.
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