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This industry blog run by Monster Auto (a Canadian new and used cars classifieds website)reports daily on the latest news in the automotive industry, with a particular focus on the retail end of the business, as well as on what types of new products and technologies are likely to be in the showrooms of years to come. The blog also offers tips and tricks on car buying. The geographic orientation of the blog is North America, with frequent reporting on the state of used car sales in the US and across the continent, as well as corporate and government news that will affect the industry and the consumers - those of us who drive the cars. more info >>
Calculator Taxa Auto 2014 conform ANAF. Aici poti calcula valoarea pentru taxa de timbru mediu 2013 2014 conform OUG nr. 9/2013 pentru inmatricularea autoturismelor noi si second hand. Timbrul de mediu inlocuieste auto 2012 si are ca scop asigurarea unui criteriu ne-discriminatoriu de aplicare. Timbrul de mediu se aplica vehiculelor inmatriculate in Romania si celor importate in vederea inmatricularii. Taxa de timbru se plateste o singura data, cu exceptia vehiculelor scutite de aceasta taxa. Exceptia o reprezinta vehiculele scutite de la plata taxei de timbru si vehiculele pentru care s-a platit deja taxa de poluare, taxa auto, taxa de prima inmatriculare, taxa de mediu si nu a fost recuperate. Verificarea incadrarii in orice categorie de exceptii se face printr-un certificat obtinut de la administratia financiara de care apartine proprietarul vehiculului. more info >>
Shout My Car : World of Cars
Here a world of car humans write about the luxury car with passion, you can visit World of car to get all the information related with cars. One can also visit at World of car to download free luxury car wallpapers. World of Car holds a special section named as "Car Lodge" dedicated to for the review of the New Cars. And another section is "List of all cars" In this section we mention about all the models that a manufacture has made till present. Apart from this the is one more section named as "Car Guide" that helps the user to find the perfect car for them and how to maintain it, it also explain about the car safety and road safety this while driving. User are free to visit any corner of our Website. more info >>
There are many good websites on the topic of cars in general, those covering many fields of the automotive industry and specific topics such as motorsports. However, the Internet if flooded with a number of websites about cars whose content does not meet the minimum standards of quality as sites that deal with this topic should have. Most are losing quality due to ignorance of the matter. What makes this site stand out from the crowd is the author's high level of experience as a journalist who covered the area of automotive industry in the highly acclaimed car magazine. Now this experience is available to all car enthusiasts and fans of car brands. Enjoy your stay. more info >> is a web blog covering news from automotive industry, with an emphasis on the new car releases and concept. Read full car reviews, find out how to do a car maintenance with useful tips and more. Blog is divided into vehicle type categories, so that you can find the car that suit you best, or browse by release date or car brand. Car insurance is of great importance so we added links that point to the most prominent insurance companies. Moreover, if you are planning to buy a car, there is a step-by-step guide how to choose the right car. Enjoy the ride. Zak more info >>
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