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There are certain news events in our world that impact us in such profound ways that no one story or publication can cover it. These news events require greater detail, clarity, and perspective so that their complexity can be grasped and a resolution can be found. For these news events, we offer this directory, which collects links on extended coverage stories. Extended coverage means that publications go beyond the brief news cycle to explore the long-ranging effects of the events taking place. The September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States are an example of a story that requires extended coverage. These happenings had an effect on more than just the people and places that were targeted by the terrorists. They influenced the governance, economics, and culture of the American people. The effects could not be defined and written up in a brief news story; instead, extended coverage was necessary and continues to present day. Certain reoccurring events, such as the United States' presidential campaigns, also fall into this category. Every four years, a new leader of America is elected in what is an established rite of political power being exchanged. However, the campaigns begin long before the election day. Extended coverage helps the American people to understand the history of a candidate, his or her true stance on issues of importance, and how his or her policies meet the needs of voters. Learn more about this and other issues by exploring our Extended Coverage directory now.
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