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The media continues to evolve at an alarming pace with the advancement of real time news and the ever-growing popularity of gathering news from websites, phones and social networks. In order to keep up with the demand for news as-it-happens, the media has to deal now more than ever with getting captivating coverage out quickly. This has resulted in news that can tend to be inaccurate as one media outlet fights another to break a story that may not yet be verified. It has also created a cutthroat approach across media outlets as everyone vies to not only get information the quickest but produce it in a way that captivates as large an audience as possible. The importance of the media, however, is now stronger than ever as anyone can have a voice online and most of those voices have the penchant to be biased. We still need to listen to and respect non-biased opinions on events and circumstances that happen daily and the best way to get that information is through the media. In our media directory you will find current and updated information, links and resources on new media like Smartphone’s, Twitter search and RSS feeds. You’ll also be able to learn about the change in how we choose to receive the media and how it continues to evolve. As the news and how we receive and digest it changes, the media will continue to evolve and our directory will help you understand those changes.
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