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Museums and Archives
The only way to understand how we have gotten to the point we are currently at in history is to gather knowledge on the past. News has been recorded for hundreds of years and first person accounts of events from the Old West to World War II are available and accessible. All over the nation and world we can access this historical information through museums and archives. Brick and mortar museums and archives put together by places like the Smithsonian Institution to websites like Newseum offer up educational ways to understand why we live the way we do. We have the ability to access newspapers, documents and artifacts that tell stories and bring to life historical people, places and events. Without the unbiased accounts of history from museums and archives we wouldn’t be the society we are today. In our museums and archives directory you will find links that lead you all over the Internet so you can get the specific information you need and gather it quickly. With our resources you will be able to help preserve history and news that has been gathered for hundreds of years. Whether you need it for a history project, to teach your children or to look up an event that happened in 1940 – you can do it all through our directory. Even for those interested parties who want to find out where specific museums and archives are, how to get there and when they are open, we can help.
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