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You could argue – with a great case – that news satire has become even more popular than traditional news in many corners of the world. With so many negative things happening everywhere it is easy to flock towards fake or mock news that is more of a parody of the traditional news format than actual news. Of course many shows and websites like The Daily Show or The Onion present real news in a satirical way but there are others that are popular for the simple fact that they are extremely funny and lighthearted. It is so easy to mimic the mannerisms and tendencies of mainstream journalism that websites pop up always every day doing just that. As long as you find irony or deadpan humor funny then you are probably a big fan of news satire because of how entertaining it can be. It can be a big relief to laugh about serious news and events that would otherwise be miserable and devastating. Our directory on news satire will point you in the direction of the best websites, newspapers, magazines and television shows that are experts in delivering entertaining and hilarious news in a satirical format. You will find information on the origin and history of news satire and even have the ability to look at satirical publications from many years ago in our archives. There is already more than enough bad and controversial news in the world every day, so use our directory to find the news satire that can turn that bad news into something funny!
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