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Spending all afternoon on your back underneath a chassis, hands covered in grease and nostrils full of exhaust—sounds like an odd hobby to some. But for you auto enthusiasts out there, the joy of working with your hands on a roadster, truck, motorcycle, tuner or classic car knows no bounds. There’s a certain allure that autos have with their strength, beauty and technical complexity. In a way, unraveling the inner workings of an automobile, putting it back together and making it run better than ever before is a bit like solving a riddle. And somehow, this mastery over the machine brings about a feeling of camaraderie—as if the vehicle had a heart and soul of its own. (Let’s be honest, how many of you have named your cars?) But the truth of the matter is that any vitality that rests within your beloved car exists because you put it there. Those hours spent in the garage, tweaking and tuning, building and rebuilding, cleaning and detailing—that’s the outpouring of passion into a well-oiled machine that, in the end, if a bona fide work of art.
We know where you’re coming from. That’s why we’ve filed our Autos directory under the Recreation header. Our Autos directory is dedicated to all things that speak to the passion of working on cars, attending car shows, racing cars, buying and selling cars, repairing cars, researching the history of cars and just generally being elbows deep in cars at all time. We understand that working on a car is a labor of love on par with painting a landscape or sculpting a stature, and we know that you want to learn everything that can be learned about your craft. So go ahead—dive right in. Our resources run the gamut from electric vehicles to restoration. Click around and you’ll find something to pique your interest.
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