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Led by our fully trained guide you can explore the waterways of the St Lucia estuary on a double kayak, surely the most environmentally friendly way to see the Hippos, crocodiles and amazing bird life of this World Heritage Site. From Mangrove Kingfishers swooping from above to Fish Eagles soaring as they call high in the sky. Sound too relaxing? Want more adventure? How about Sea Kayaking around Cape Vidal before cooling down before with a Snorkel. Kayak trips are available for just 3 hours or full day safaris. For more information and some pictures of the sights check out our site more info >>
How to Kayak | Beginners guide to kayaking basics
Stroking easy and feeling peaceful just off San Juan Island, three people in kayaks spotted a 14-foot great white stalking the group. “Big,” said the man in the sit-on-top (SOT) kayak. “Lots of teeth,” said the kid in the inflatable kayak. “Catch you on shore,” said the third man as he paddled down on his made-for-speed sea-touring kayak. Kayaking can be a complicated beginner sport. It typically comes with a high start-up cost. The equipment that can be difficult to master, and the safety issues must never be overlooked. Some kayaks are designed for beginners but they are not suitable for every situation. They come with wide bases and other design features that promote increased stability and easier mounting. more info >>
We Offer best Rafting camp in rishikesh with all facility. Our camp situated in rishikesh near ganaga river, it is almost 15km ahead from main city rishikesh We are best in this industry We offer White River rafting in rishikesh, Jungle camping in rishikesh, Paintball in rishikesh, Wild Safari in rishikesh, Trekking in rishikesh with weekend rafting camp, bungy jumping in rishikesh. Ganga River is waiting for you and challenging you to come and play. Love for great thrilling adventure There is nothing like a good rafting experience in the rivers of the Himalaya. If you have any query please visit our site and send your query more info >>
Fishing Kayak Guide is a top-notch guide to the best fishing kayaks that are available for 2014 and 2015. This site provides guidance and high quality reviews for anyone looking to learn more about the exciting new world of kayak fishing. This is a compelling new trend in fishing that allows fishermen to have unparalleled freedom on their preferred body of water. The kayak that you feel most comfortable in the best fishing kayak for you. This site is specialized in helping you to find just the right one. Fishing Kayak guide reviews a multitude of watercraft and provide great articles on how to have fun in kayaks that are purpose-built for fishing! more info >>
Through years of exceptional innovative work, Dragon Kayak entered the Australian market in 2012. Mythical beast kayak conveys the absolute best angling kayaks to the Australian market at mind boggling reasonable costs. Our insight into the outline and assembling forms permits us to design the absolute best performing kayaks with unrivaled soundness, following and control. We stand solidly behind our large amounts of online wellbeing, client administration and correspondence. Our cutting edge procedures, stockroom and trusted dispersion channels empower us to rapidly and proficiently handle all requests and get them to you as soon and securely as could reasonably be expected. We take a stab at 100% consumer loyalty, and do our absolute best to give the best administration. Input and clients surveys on our items is basic to our business development and extension. more info >>
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