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Most everyone has attended a camp at one point or another during their childhood or teen years. Maybe it was a summer camp to keep busy while mom and dad where at work or a sport specific camp to improve your basketball, cheerleading or tennis skills. Camps are a fun way to get out of the house and spend time participating in planned activities that are meant to be fun. Many camps even offer the first overnight experience for children away from home. These overnight camps even included three meals a day and recreational activities inside and outside that range from competitive sports to arts and crafts. Before you become an adult and have to spend time working a camp is a great, and extremely fun, alternative to a typical daily schedule. In our directory on camps you will be able to gather information on camps throughout the world that are in the summer, fall, spring and winter. Whether you simply need to find out pricing and dates or want to know where the best camp is in a specific area for basketball – you can find it all in our directory. We also provide resources on how to choose the right camp for a child and how to prepare yourself and your child for a camp whether it is overnight, afterschool, sports oriented or arts based. You will be armed with the necessary tools to find a camp that is fun and a learning experience all in one.
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