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Do you collect coins? If you have a large collection of coins, or a small one, you might be wondering how much your coins are worth. You can find out this information by visiting This website allows you to search for specific types of coins in order to find out the worth of any coin. Whether you have gold coins, silver coins, or other kinds of coins, you will find that offers you the most information about any coin collection. Find out how much your coins are worth today by visiting Coins are wonderful things to collect, and finding the true worth of any coin collection is the best way to appreciate the coins that you have. more info >>
Whitman publishing is an established coin book publisher. Our Red and Blue book coin collecting books have been used by collectors for years. We pride ourselves in producing the finest coin and stamp books in the industry. A coin collection will not only be preserved but also look great when displaying for shows, clubs, or friends. The coin books are simple to use and store. Whitman publishing also has supplies for coin folders, coin albums, stamps, and vaults. Our coin reference books, currency books, and stamp reference books will help the new collector and experienced collector find and categorize coins, currency, and stamps within their collection. more info >>
Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. I started this Hobby when I was in School, Just saw someone`s collection and fell in love. Started collecting each and every coin that passed my hand`s. Some New, Some Old but very few. Suddenly my Hobby took a back seat for 10 Years and I missed many coins, But still I have started again and will definitely make a difference. I have searched many places for the info related to coins and failed to get the Basic info from any single website. Hence I decided to make this website and help any one who has an interest in this hobby. I need all the Information that can be useful to new and Old Collectors and can be mentioned here, Like Coins Not Mentioned Here, Mint Marks, Mints, Edges Images from all around the world. Here I`ll post all the Coins that are in my collection with as much of the details I could collect for My Coin Album. You can click on the Images for a larger & Better View. more info >>
Great world collection of coins from Ukraine: 1400 coins of the world. Private collection of coins of all countries and territories of the world, for ages 20-21 minted (produced by injection) own coin. The collection continues to grow and numismatist from Ukraine - Yuriy Dema. A lot of coins in a list from Ukraine, Russian coins (Russian empire, the Soviet Union, modern Russia) coins in Austria, Hungary. Each coin is scanned and provides a detailed description of the characteristics of coins (metal stock, par value), its current price in Ukraine. The collection of more than 1400 coins from all over the world. more info >>
Collector Sector is a both a marketplace and community for collectors of classic cars, old coins, antiques and vintage collectibles. On our website you can buy, sell, or simply exhibit your prized possessions as well as share you passion with like-minded collectors and enthusiasts in our comments section on each listing or separately in our in-house forums. Our name is derived from the fact that there are many different "sectors" of collecting and we are simply trying to represent the most popular on our website. Our mission is create a central location where collectors and enthusiasts can both buy and sell but also learn about their favorite hobbies or educate newcomers as well. more info >>
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