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Swords Of The East has a huge selection of battle ready authentic samurai swords for people who love collecting blades, or people who love Japanese culture. Martial artists make up the core of the customer base, but people worldwide love samurai swords. Swords Of The East also has a huge selection of Japanese armor, and knives. Every household in America has a knife in it, it is a basic human tool so it is no wonder that people love to collect them! We have unique and hard to find blades from innovative companies, as well as all of the major brands that you know and love. more info >>
Kukri Blades is a blog dedicated to knives, the outdoors, camping, survival gear and general preparedness topics. But mostly kukri knives and other similar large, fixed-blade knives designed for wood splitting and heavy chopping tasks that would damage or even destroy most cheap tools. In-depth reviews for many types of bladed tools and weapons, ranging from large machetes and survival knives to EDC (Every Day Carry) knives that fit in a pocket. Learn what properties you should focus on when searching for a reliable knife, including: Blade steel, handle material, sheaths, edge grinds, locking mechanisms, tang types and tip shapes. Get informed and find the right tool for the job. more info >>
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