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Life with Bamboo is about all things bamboo. Here you will find short posts that will, in turn, inform you, delight you, or educate you about the myriad uses for this ubiquitous giant grass. You will find information about bamboo in craft, tools for working bamboo, bamboo for health, bamboo in architecture, recipes using bamboo, technologies using bamboo, and more. Bamboo is a fast growing and renewable resource. It grows in a very wide range of climatic conditions and does not require irrigation and fertilization. Bamboo will grow in previously degraded soils and will even absorb certain toxic industrial waste. Read more at Life with Bamboo. more info >>
DIY Wood Projects is the go to place for fun, cheap, and easy wood projects. We build things that make your life more rewarding. Sometimes our projects can spark an idea for you to build, and if you build it, we would love to hear about it. We love the outdoors, so we concentrate around that to design useful tools for your next adventure. We've done a lot on off roading, camping, and outdoors. We construct small and big projects to satisfy your hearts desire for however long it takes. Come check out DIY Wood Projects to find the latest for wood crafts. more info >>
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