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Cannabis is a website that crowd-sources data from cannabis users around the world. Visitors to the site can brows the map and view cannabis data, like the price, quality, strain and location. Visitors also have the ability to post there locations cannabis data as well. The Cannaberg map also displays some of the more popular submissions and labels these as current "trends". The map displays the first, second, and third place most commonly submitted cannabis strain world wide. Other pages on the site include the "market" page, which showcases a market snapshot, indicating the average price for an ounce of cannabis per country, as well as a page for dispensaries. more info >>
Autoflowering cannabis is a blog about ruderalis plant growing. Ruderalis r also called autoflowering cannabis are plants that flower regardless of light cycle and are called day-neutral plant. Because of this trait they grow fast and can be grown in difficult environments. They also have High CBD values and that gives them huge medical benefits. This blog gives insights on how to properly cultivate this plant and why it is useful for medical and recreational purposes. In this blog you can also find strain and seed reviews that will give you a better understanding of why each of these strains are the best in its category! more info >>
OmniHerbiVore is a all in one smoking companion. Measuring 3.8 inches long OmniHV packs alot of value in a small package! As the name implies OmniHV does everything. The unit splits exposing a high grade grinder. Also hidden within is a screen holder, and hidden wick spool. Furthermore the OmniHV has 3 tools vital to any smoker! A Bowl Press-To pack your material. A Scraper to clean the glass piece. And a Poker to clear the center of the piece! These tools are also removable. OmniHerbiVore provides everything you need to: Grind, pack, smoke, clear and be on your way! more info >>
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Our site is geared for the legalization of marijuana or cannabis and sale of related products and seeds to states where it is legal. We advertise various worldwide distributors of products, such as seeds, hydroponics, grow lights, as well as exclusive articles and information. We have spent a great deal of time searching and placing web links and youtube videos of interest to those individuals who want to know more about pot or how to grow it yourself. Medicinal marijuana is a growing issue to sick patients nationwide and we try to educate about the need for this very valuable drug. more info >>
MasterBong takes you on a unique tour through the cannabis community while exposing visitors to a variety of mostly original cannabis-themed content. Learn how to make a bong or pipe out of anything using one of hundreds of how-to style videos to turn essentially anything around the house into a functional smoking device. Or simply just kick back and browse thousands of cannabis images, listen to marijuana-themed musicians, check out our weekly syndicated radio show, play games in your browser, connect with the cannabis community on our forums, all while staying up to date with the latest news stories effecting the cannabis industry worldwide directly from trusted sources like High Times and The Weed Blog. more info >>
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