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Tobacco is a website that was started to provide information and guidance for people starting down the path of the cigar smoking hobby/lifestyle. From which cigars and cigar brands are good for the beginner to what cutters, lighters and other gear and accessories. Also discussed are ways for the beginner to save money building things like tupperdors and coolidors. We also provide guides for the non-cigar smoker with everything they will need to purchase cigars as gifts for Father’s day, birthdays, graduations and also give details on how to incorporate cigars into celebrations like a wedding reception. This guide includes what brands and types of cigars to buy and everything else that will be needed (lighters, cutters, etc.). more info >>
The unique all in one tobacco pipe, Odd O Box™ is purely changing the way we smoke. With it's all natural wood made from oak, teak or walnut, we have created one of the smoothest and discreet smokes you have ever seen. We've designed our pipe specifically for "on the go" smokers and outdoor enthusiasts. You can store everything inside the box and to load the bowl, you simply spin the wheel, no worrying about the mess or wind blowing things away. Wood is porous so it helps absorb smells and funky odors. You can smoke repeatedly without the pipe getting hot, just slip it in your pocket and go. more info >>
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