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Food is an essential human experience, and here in our Food directory, we collect links to resources on the multiple facets of that experience. Who invented the sandwich? What is competitive eating? Which pepper is the spiciest in the world? Food evokes questions that get us thinking about the extremes of taste delights and about how some of our favorite concoctions came to be. You might be in love with a meat-lover's pizza. You could be dedicated to fruits and vegetables. Or, you could be open to culinary experiences from India, Japan, Ethiopia, and other places around the world. Food connects us all, whether your tastes tend towards white table cloths or fast-food boxed meals. In the food industry, there are experts who specialize in particular areas. For example, cheese is a complex field requiring an understanding of thousands of different varieties. Changing conditions and differences in age mean varying tastes and qualities. The same is true for wine. Food served in a restaurant is often paired with a wine that the sommelier intends to bring out the flavor of the meal. Of course, some people would not consider a meal complete without a course of confectionery delight: dessert. Food fans crave brownies, chocolate cakes, pies, and custards with the same gusto others might seek out steaks and lobster. Whether you want a new culinary experience, information on the history of your favorite meal, or advice on preparing dinner for your family, our directory is meant for this food information.
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