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RL Airgun Supply is a family owned and operated airgun business. We are always striving to create new and better airgun toys. We work very hard at pleasing each and every customer by listening to the needs that each has. Everyone seems to have a different reason for wanting an airgun and with our experience in shooting, hunting and competing we have the unique ability to understand your needs. Our desire is to make sure that your new purchase is a pleasure for you, we find that airgun shooting is extremely addicting and can soon become an entire family pleasure. more info >>
We provide detailed and comprehensive reviews on the best pellet guns that are out on the market today. We will often write reviews that match up a pellet gun with the best ammo for that gun to provide the best accuracy that you can get. In addition, we provide detailed and comprehensive comparison chart that will allow you to choose whichever option is the best for your situation. We cover FPS, power source, capacity and caliber. So if you`re looking for a specific gas powered .22 caliber pellet gun, then you`ll be able to easily find that with the comparison chart. more info >>
SPRAY! THE! MAG! provides the best two tone bb guns at the best prices, free next day delivery too is also available because we as a retailer and huge airsoft fans recognise that you want your order is soon as you pick your two tone bb gun or airsoft rifle. We are always expanding and bringing new products and will continue to until spraythemag is recognised as the number one outright place for uk two tone bb gun equipment. We stock a range of two tone bb guns for all budgets, whether you just want to update your collection with a solid springer or buy a top of the range skirmish weapon, spraythemag has it all more info >>
Many people are attracted into Airsoft due to the reduced risk in harm to themselves that they may have experienced with other similar sports such as paintball. Although this is by no means the only reason that people are keen on joining this exciting and realistic sport, it certainly is a major factor in attracting people to give it a go. Even when they may have pre-conceived ideas as to what their experience may be and that this would probably far exceed their pain thresholds, Airsoft provides a fun and practical alternative for those seeking the excitement of a fun and strategic military pastime. But there are some obvious dangers in Airsoft as well and we should by no means become complacent about the stringent safety rules that are put in place at most organized games I have attended. Every game pre-prepares its attendees with a basic and generally accepted set of safety guidelines. Nobody likes rules and especially leaders - who make up a large proportion of Airsoft players. But these rules focus on two areas, ensuring respect between players and Drawing the parameters of what is allowed and what is not. more info >>
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