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The FNH Blog features daily news, photos, videos, and reviews of FN Herstal (FNH) firearms like the P90 submachine gun, F2000 assault rifle, FAL and SCAR battle rifles, Five-seveN and FNP/FNX series pistols, MAG and Minimi machine guns, SPR bolt action rifles, and P-12 and SLP shotguns. We are not affiliated with FN Herstal or FNH USA, or any of FN's subsidiary companies, but we do strive to be the definitive online source for FNH news and information. The FNH Blog also has dedicated social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube, so be sure to check us out on there as well! more info >>
Everything you want in one place, E-Arms has accessories and parts so you can put together your AR 15 and AK 47. Build it to suite your taste and make it work just how you want. Stocking the finest products from the biggest names in everything gun and firearm, you'll find stocks, barrels, flash hiders and everything else around and between. Stop by for various reloading equipment at bargain prices, like bullets from popular and well know brands like Hornady, Remington and Sierra. You can join our loyalty program to earn points which you can redeem for discounts to help you save even more. more info >>
We provide readers with independent, expert handgun reviews and ratings, thorough gun descriptions, handgun ratings and comments from our readers, MSRP info and the latest prices from online gun stores. Currently we have roughly 1,750 info pages covering a large variety of guns, from .22 LR fun guns up to .50 caliber hand artillery. Our pages include revolvers, semiautos and derringers from 100+ manufacturers, and most of them are currently in production. One hundred and seven of those pages feature in-depth handgun reviews written by our editor-experts. If you're a collector, hobbyist, competitor, hunter, concealed carrier, etc., start your research here. more info >>
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