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On a slightly breezy spring or summer day you can basically bet your paycheck that someone, somewhere is flying a kite through the sky. Kites have been popular amongst children and adults alike for thousands of years. They even pop up throughout history whether it is in historical stories like that of Benjamin Franklin or in pictures from books that showcase kites as a leisure activity. As long as there is decent wind then a kite can be flown. Many people prefer to fly kites near bodies of water, particularly oceans, because winds that travel across water are less erratic and offer great kite flying opportunities. There are even some countries, like Asia, Europe and South America, where kite flying is part of the local culture and a big part of festivities and holidays throughout the year. Experienced kite flyers that may be feeling a little dangerous can partake in enhanced kite activities like kite buggying, surfing or land boarding. Our directory on kites and all their awesome uses for recreation will help you understand all types of new information. Our kite directory is geared towards kite enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. Whether you’re an avid collector and builder of kites or simply a parent who wants to introduce their child to the joy of kiting, our kite directory offers a wide range of comprehensive resources that will deepen your knowledge of kite lore.

Our advice: dive right in and learn something new about kites or find out about a great company that’s involved in kiting. Bookmark our kites directory and come back often—you never know when something new might pop up!
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