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Activities is a blog which solely publishes articles, guides, tutorials, resources, and musings on everyday sharp objects such as knives, axes, chisels, saws, razors, swords, and scissors. The team of writers behind this blog is passionate about anything "bladed." From knife sharpening techniques, chainsaw blade sharpening to resources like types of axes - you can read such sorts of articles here. This blog has been started with one thing in mind: to alleviate the place of "the blade" which has ever been so neglected throughout our history although it plays an integral part in shaping that very same history. more info >>
Finding the right survival knife can be tricky, especially when someone is first introduced to the idea of owning one. Do I want a folding knife or fixed-blade? Should I opt for a serrated edge? Whether an outdoor enthusiast, a hunter, or just looking for a quality knife, Knives and Survival aims to provide you with honest information and reviews for purchasing your next blade. We’ll teach you how to choose the right knife no matter what you plan to use it for. Coupled with a section completely filled with survival tips and in-depth tutorials, you’ll be prepared for just about any situation indoors and out. more info >>
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