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In this directory, we publish links to information on recreation and models. Most people will never have the money to afford a sailboat, a yacht, or a cruise ship. They may not have the space to house and feed a horse, the time to train as a railroad conductor, the mathematical acumen to soar a rocket into space, or the control to conquer the sky with loop after loop. Models let people live out these dreams in affordable, safe, and accessible ways. There are many types of models. Most require that the user construct them by hand, usually with readily-available tools and instructions that are provided. Some models include moving parts or engines that allow the simulation of their life-size counterparts. Model rockets are an example. They come in different varieties, but in general, the builder puts them together, includes fuel sources that can be purchased at a hobby store, and then launches them from a guided launch pad. The exhilaration comes from temporarily breaking the bounds of gravity and seeing something that one created with one's hands go where humans cannot. While there is a sudden thrill in the explosiveness of model rocketry, model dollhouses miniatures and horses provide a different sort of enjoyment. These models engage the imagination, inviting the owner to create a stage and a story in which a dream becomes reality, however fleeting. The fact that it is recreational does not change how important models are to the owners who build and collect them.
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