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Nudism, or Naturism, as it’s referred to in most parts of the world, is the practice of appearing in public or at home without clothing. Nude resorts allow tourists to enjoy this liberating lifestyle that accentuates a return to nature and a relinquishing of shame and modesty. In spite of stereotypical depictions of nudist resorts, nudism isn’t about eroticism. Instead, nudism is about relaxing and feeling comfortable in a clothes-free environment.
If you’re considering nudist recreation, there are a few key pointers and etiquette that you should know before visiting. For one, make sure to do your research beforehand. The rules and expectations vary from resort to resort. For example, a clothing optional beach or resort allows visitors to wear clothing, if they prefer. On the other hand, a clothes-free beach or resort makes nudity mandatory. Call ahead or research a resort online to make sure you’re expectations are met.
Secondly, you may want to look into the types of people that you’ll be spending your time with. For example, some nudist resorts are geared towards elderly individuals, while others are more appropriate for couples looking for a romantic getaway. There are also family friendly nudist resorts.
Note also that some nudist resorts require annual memberships or registrations. Check ahead before showing up, or you may be turned away.
Also note that you may find yourself subjected to gawkers. Either report them to staff or carry a small hand mirror with you and shine a light in their eyes. After this, they’ll usually get the message.
Lastly, make sure that you conduct yourself appropriately while in public. Refrain from sexual activity in public and do not attempt to pick up women or make compliments. Nudism is about feeling comfortable in a clothes-free environment, not about hooking up.
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