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Check us out for any and all info related to outdoor activities and products. We will feature anything from camping and hiking to fishing, boating and other water based sports. Can't get out of the city? There will be features for backyard grilling and fun city parks. Basically, if the great outdoors are involved in any way, there's a chance we'll touch on the subject. Based in the Pacific Northwest, the creator is surrounded by the awe inspiring beauty of Mother Nature and will be sharing said beauty with the world. Features and content are mostly US based, but international pictures and info will always be welcome. more info >>
Apocalypse Pal is a hub of survival and prepping gear that provide users with guides and how-tos on the use of those products. Perfect for those who want to be prepared, Apocalypse Pal is the place to shop for the top-rated products in survival and prepping. Easily separated into categories of survival tools, Apocalypse Pal is perfect for those who want a simplistic, informative shopping experience. Apocalypse Pal is also a great place to learn more about how to survive in extreme circumstances. Many apocalypse scenarios are covered, meaning that users will have plenty of information about whatever one they believe is most likely. more info >>
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